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Our goal is to bring nature indoors, and help employee productivity, increase happiness, and overall office culture through beautiful plant design.

Plant the intimacy of lush green spaces inside out with us as your plant designer!

Biozenic is your next-door plant designer who helps you make great floral spaces. We design places, not projects. We are a team of planners and architects who make your exposure to nature as easy as it has never been before. We know how hectic and health devastating it is to stay between long office hours and commute times and how it puts a constraint on spending your time with nature. Therefore by creating refreshingly excellent green environments, we help our clients to:
  • Get the healthy environments nature-intended.
  • Grab the perfect green yard of your dreams!

Look no further while choosing the best plant designer company

Introducing the plantscaping, indoor plants, and planting decoration is more than the mere visual effects. It gets you a healthier space to live or work in. So, our team visits you onsite and recommends the perfect match by supplying plants in your desired color and style that truly works. As a leading plant designer company, we have helped around 1500 spaces with high-quality green walls, vertical spaces, faux plants, and many others.

Our Services as your plant designer company

Green Screens

Biozenic is one of the leading green screen installers. Our green screens provide not only instant greenery but also additional privacy and pollution control. In addition, the evergreen foliage enhances the school perimeters, building sites as well as helps prevent graffiti.

Moss Walls

Our green moss walls are stylish and unobtrusive enough to bring nature into your place without taking up much space in the room. Add it to your offices, workspaces, lobbies or home décor to get the stunningly beautiful interior and exterior.

Indoor Plantscaping

Indoor plants are as important as outdoor ones. The indoor plantscaping gives your business spaces the optimal atmosphere. In addition, our interior plantscaping plays an important role in your day-to-day mood-boosting and memory refreshment.

Outdoor Plantscaping

A charming and trouble-free outdoor plantscaping starts at the nursery and ends at the client’s expectations. Remember, you only get a single chance to make an impressive first impression.

Holiday Office Decor

When the holiday comes around, the first thing you can do is creating warm and attractive holiday decorations that truly stand out. Our team of décor designers works year-round to create beautiful holidays displays and exhibits on office exteriors, buildings, shopping centers, casinos, and hospitals.

Vertical Plantscaping

One of the most beloved types of the garden we create for our clients is the vertical garden. Our plants for vertical plantscaping are hand-grown in the greenhouse with all-natural fertilizers and organic probiotics. No nasty chemicals, pesticides, or contaminants are there polluting the plants.

Why Biophilic Design?

Yes, plants look great, but there are so many benefits that include reduced stress, improved air quality, and did we mention…a greener workspace?

Our Approach

As your plant designer agency

We collaborate with customers & clients to understand their likes &
dislikes and become a part of their team. We understand your vision,
objectives, and goals on a deeper level. Being your plant designer,
we consider your market and historical conditions as a way to
design the project. We come up with a broad team of experts with
good hands over interior plant designing and planting decoration to
effectively execute the project. We stay with the project from
conceptualization to completion and beyond while an all-new green
environment develops and flourishes.

  • Plant styling for residential
  • Plant styling for commercial
  • Plant consultations.
  • Plant care & maintenance
  • Plant workshops

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Why should you choose Biozenic as your plant designer agency?

​– We bring the hope to nurture greenery at your workplaces, properties,
stairways, lobbies for a greener city –
– We have a team of expert plant designers serving you to meet to the
best level in Southern California –
– We look after everything for you; the design, installation, and maintenance –
– We use the most delicate plants grown in premium soil, ensuring to get the best look –
– If a plant looks weary or musty, we promise to change it and make your space green and attractive –

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