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Create a safe and healthy workplace

for your employees to return to.

Green Screens

Plants For Social Distancing.


In these difficult times, we know that your main concern is creating a safe and healthy workplace for your employees to return to.

Exponential Return on investment

Aside from aesthetics, the “benefits of biophilia” in the office, other hidden benefits include reduced overall stress hormones among the staff, higher productivity, quiet work spaces, and more naturally comfortable environments. Many office environments around the country are stating great improvements due to their adopted sustainability missions, employee mental health benefits, biological benefits, phenomenal sound quality enhancement, taking advantage of utilizing this trending design, and increased productivity overall.

Space Dividers // Privacy Barriers // Traffic Controls

Biophilic Design Strategies

Healthy designs for a healthy workforce

It’s vital that we find ways to keep both our teams and our businesses healthy. You’ll need a workspace that’s flexible enough to protect your team today and adapt to changing guidelines in the future. Designing with live indoor plants and nature-derived elements provides an attractive solution to meet the needs for social distancing guidance.

Moss Room

Modular Moss Room Dividers clearly mark separate spaces within your office. These 2-sided walls are made from preserved moss species and other natural elements requiring no light, maintenance or water.

Control traffic in a fresh and inviting way. These walls are designed with mixed mosses, live plants and natural elements for safe social distancing and traffic flow.

Living Walls

Movable Living Walls by Biozenic

Movable Living Walls offer a flexible way to divide up your office, enabling you to safely delineate workspaces, meeting areas for small groups, and safe walkways from place to place.

Available in single or double-sided models on wheels or optional stabilizing feet.


Planter Partitions by Biozenic

A natural way to create distinct areas is with free-standing planters.
These rectangular planters come in variety of sizes and finishes with plant heights to match your needs.

Benefits Proven By Studies

One study, conducted by the Centre for Architectural Ecology at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), found that sound absorption is relatively high with signal number ratings in the range of a 3/4”-1” fiber board, or a carpet on underlay pad (NRC and SAA). This range of sound absorption greatly compliments conference rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and more to help improve intelligibility and quality of verbal communication.


Natural Solutions Promote Healthy Environments

Because Nature Matters

biophilia [bahy-oh-fil-ee-uh]

(noun) a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms.

Our flexible solutions can help you support workplace wellbeing while designing your office for social distancing and other recommended guidelines.

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“At Biozenic, our design philosophy is to create environments that make you feel better upon departing than when you arrived—the best results are achieved through collaboration.”

Kelly Afsahi, CEO + Founder