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Virtual Plant

What We Do

The Biozenic team hosts corporate virtual plant workshops. A great idea for team bonding events, an employee perk, and/or a different activity for your company to partake in!

Our virtual events are hosted on Zoom, and can accommodate up to 300 individuals. 

How To Book

Planning a Virtual plant workshop is simple.


after reciveing an email from our team, choose a plant kit for your participants. Each member will get their own plant kit for the event!


Our team will deliver or mail the kits to your organization along with the zoom information. Get ready for a memorable (and fun) event!


Please give our team at least two weeks notice for your Virtual Plant Workshop. That will give us ample time to customize each kit if neccessary!

Your Delivery

Whether you are all potting the same plant or different plants, every participant will make their own potting mix to replicate the plant’s native habitat and receive their very own kit to keep and take home (or keep at their office)! 

+ Fun

Guests will have fun learning about the difference between interior/exterior plants; emotional/physical benefits of plants; plant personalities; fun facts about the specific plants your group is planting; how to replicate your plant’s native habitat; fun facts about the “ingredients” to mix your potting mix “recipe”; plant care: pruning, watering, repotting, and fertilizer ,and how to avoid or rid your plant of plant pests!

Inquire Today

Reach out today to inquire/schedule this unique and fun virtual plant-making workshop!

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